Memorandum of Agreement signed with Great Lake Investments (GLI)

Tanzania Community Networks Alliance is a Not-for-Profit Non-Governmental Organization registered in Tanzania Mainland under the NGO Act No. 24 of 2002 with Registration Number ooNGO/R/0742. tzCNA advocates for meaningful universal connectivity that contributes towards positive impact in the digital economy. The alliance’s vision is to be the association for community networks and community-based telecommunications networks that deliver affordable communication services in Tanzania.

GLI and tzCNA are working to form a national multi-stakeholder consortium to source potential international and national strategic project funding sponsors and technical experts to support the implementation of rural broadband networks connectivity and school connectivity project initiatives in the United Republic of Tanzania. The consortium target International initiatives such connect2recover, GIGA Initiatives and Project connect from International Telecommunication Union (ITU) and UNICEF. We believe that the use of community-based bottom-up approaches embracing the cooperative society structure is among feasible solution to address the current digital divide in Tanzania” said Mr. Jabhera Matogoro, Open Internet Engineering Fellow from Mozilla Foundation and the Chief Executive Officer for tzCNA. This is the only remaining alternative to be embraced in the achieving meaningful universal connectivity in Tanzania.

The organizations’ main goal for collaborating is to promote the ease accessibility, affordable and preserve and ensure the applicability of Universality as a principle of ensuring the development and a standard use of ICT facilities in within the country’s public places including schools, health facilities, science and innovation centers and community libraries in both urban and rural areas. This will be brought to life by igniting pilot operations to establish proof the concept of implementing rural broadband networks connectivity and school connectivity project initiatives in the United Republic of Tanzania.

The consortium will setup a pilot in Tanzania, Rukwa Region, Sumbawanga District, Laela ward to be used as a proof of concept as well as the basis for extending further to other places within Tanzania and beyond. The invitation for participation and cooperation of stakeholders including entrepreneurial expert, partner from both public, private sectors and other non-government organization, plus funding mechanisms via donor institutions.

Despite all, we are left with the question, since the inception of commercial Internet services in Tanzania, Internet subscribers stands about 27 Million. Will it take Tanzania another 50 years to bring online the unconnected population? The answer might be yes, if we rely on the same traditional connectivity approaches which have already failed.

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